Enough Trace

Vicken Khachadourian

     Evidence that as far back as 2005, Oracle knew that their trace files were misleading engineers. Actually, when Oracle introduced the max_dump_file_size parameter, in 1996, I told my managers that now our trace files and the number of error messages were so voluminous, that all technicians around the globe dealing with the Oracle database engine, were going to fail in building healthy relationships with the powerful and impressive Oracle Database Engine.

I dealt with the problem by going over customers' technical stories, from the metal to the user experience, and I placed whatever diagnostics or error messages I was looking at within context. That's why my performance appraisals, going as far back as 2004, acknowledge that I approached Oracle failures from the holistic and context point of view. Larry Ellison agreed with this in 2017. When Oracle fired me in 2009, I had a 100% success rate in solving 400 of the toughest escalated cases from 1996 forward. They involved wordwide governments and business.

Out-of-context data in a self-driving car causes fatal accidents and the dumbest driving decisions, like driving on a sidewalk or stopping in front of an ambulance. Out-of-context data in 2 Boeing 737 Max planes crashed 2 of them, killing everyone. Out-of-context data in Oracle caused 15 minute diagnostic solutions to take months instead, and poorly designed relationships with the impressive Oracle database engine. Sadly, the entire world saw that Out-of-context data in Israeli security-monitoring systems led their evaluators to dismiss obvious evidence that was in front of them. Out-of-context data in cybersecurity will cause costly breaches like the one that happened at the Idaho National Labs where about 6,100 government employees' data got stolen. That's what out-of-context data does. It gives the evaluator the false sense of confidence. It does not raise errors. You won't realize you made a mistake until later when you're already facing disaster. I have the proof of this. So does Oracle.

On August 19, 2005, I had already blown the whistle to a VP with 4,600 employees under him, 2 levels below Larry Ellison. My manager then asked for presentations about how I was using "Context" to solve problems. Proof that Oracle was looking into it in 2005. This period is the beginning of the 2.5 year investigation Oracle conducted on how out-of-context data was misleading everyone, how I was succeeding 100%, eventually concluding that I was right.

Scholarly articles from Gartner and others astimate that the size of Context Aware Computing will be more than $100 billion, annually.

     From my wrongful termination lawsuit, February 2011

     From President Biden's National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence - Final Report, signed by Oracle's Safra Catz - 2021