Enough Trace

Question:      How many Database Server trace files does it take for Oracle Support to change a light bulb?

Answer:      We need 2 more Database Server trace files to tell you.

Sir Winston Churchill: However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results

Some of Vicken Khachadourian's results        The numbered items below are all clickable links

Vicken saved a $450 million / year company - Rescued 800 people's jobs

1 - Click Here - President of Southwest Traders, Jeff Allen's letter explaining the difference Vicken made with Oracle and DAZ, in saving the company from an Oracle e-Business Suite implementation disaster (redacted)

2 - Click Here - This party disregarded Vicken's advice and lost $400 million. Vicken tried pretty hard to convince them, but some parties are difficult to persuade. After losing the case, they tried unsuccessfully to have the judge vacate the arbitrator's decision.

3 - Click Here - For the entire 64 page pdf document for the link above, Click Here

4 - Click Here - When Vicken was there from April - August 2011, Southwest Traders damages for 2011 were: $13 million. When Vicken was not there in 2012, Southwest Traders damages mushroomed to: $116 million. Southwest Traders damages for 2013: $233 million

5 - Click Here - Ken Cornell, major investor in the Southwest Traders implementation failure recovery effort, acknowledging Vicken stabilized the $450 million / year Oracle system (redacted)

6 - Click Here - Mike Bredemeier, the VP of IT at Southwest Traders, acknowledging Vicken stabilized the $450 million / year Oracle system (redacted)

7 - Click Here - For every $1 they gave Vicken, Southwest Traders spent $17 on outside vendors, and they had to throw Oracle out. Vicken had stabilized the system, which should have been used as a baseline for recovery

8 - Click Here - While working on the Southwest Traders failures, in 2 months, Vicken produced enough evidence to present to the vendor with a credible letter, demanding improvements

Vicken resurrected many customers' down Oracle production databases

9 - Click Here - New York Attorney General's Database Outage

10 - Click Here - Recovering a damaged Data Dictionary for a 2TB production database for a major overnight package delivery service company, a few days before Christmas (redacted)

11 - Click Here - Again - Recovering a damaged Data Dictionary for a 2TB production database for a major overnight package delivery service company a few days before Christmas (redacted)

12 - Click Here - Third - Recovering a damaged Data Dictionary for a 2TB production database for a major overnight package delivery service company a few days before Christmas (redacted)

13 - Click Here - Customer Advocate in Oracle Sales praising Vicken for saving a production system from a corrupt data dictionary and shortening a multiple day outage (redacted)

14 - Click Here - Data Corruption that's hard to diagnose and get your arms around, is one of the major causes of prolonged production outages today (redacted)

15 - Click Here - Vicken shortened the outage time of a major Oracle data warehouse database for a major customer (redacted)

16 - Click Here - Production Database saved at Dow (redacted)

Vicken has solved every crippling production performance problem he was put in charge of

17 - Click Here - In 1 week, Vicken diagnosed a crippling production performance problem that was going on for months. It was a custom, Oracle EBS, PL/SQL script performance problem. The incorrect suspects were being pursued. (redacted)

18 - Click Here - Saved a major entertainment company days of downtime for a crippling dictionary cleanup effort. Patched Oracle's data dictionary to improve SMON's performance after a tablespace drop. (redacted)

19 - Click Here - Vicken has successfully diagnosed every major system performance problem that he has been given. We're not talking about optimizing 5 page queries in 5 minutes, by changing hints. These are major system freezes. (redacted)

20 - Click Here - When a major tax preparation company's Oracle production system froze 3 times, a month before the April 15 tax deadline, Vicken solved the freeze in his first 90 minute phone call with the customer DBA, saving them millions. (redacted)

Proven track record of successfully working with a wide range of contacts

21 - Click Here - Vicken left Oracle Support with a 95% customer satisfaction rating, beating Oracle Support's Customer Satisfaction rating by at least 20 points

22 - Click Here - Vicken is acknowledged by his peers as very helpful and a team player (redacted)

23 - Click Here - Vicken recognized for solving complex problems and for stopping at nothing to get to a solution

24 - Click Here - Vicken can save any company 20 times his salary if God forbid, they end up with an outage.

Vicken has been migrating Oracle based environments since 1987

25 - Click Here - Customer DBA manager praising Vicken for the assistance he gave during and especially after the migration, when things tend to break.

26 - Click Here - Manager praising Vicken for the assistance he gave during migration of Kaiser's famous Onelink production database.

27 - Click Here - Vicken on the migration team from single node to 3-node RAC for a major production database.

28 - Click Here - More evidence on Vicken's active role in the migration of a major production database at one of his employers.

29 - Click Here - Vicken very active in the migration planning and implementation

30 - Click Here - In the late 90's, we did not have the fancy migration tools that exist today. The demand to please CIO's was as high as ever then as well

31 - Click Here - The big problem after an upgrade or migration is all the unforeseen failures that are gonna come up out of nowhere.

Self explanatory

32 - Click Here - This employer liked me so much, they gave me 3 hours to sign an agreement that makes me give up my right to an attorney, and they decided they are my legal team. I'm redacting their name, because the agreement demands it. So generous of them! I'm not hiding any intellectual property from anybody. They were using me for useless tasks, like making a list of servers and databases in different geographies, so I signed it

Why not?

33 - Click Here - Rama Velpuri, who's written 9 books on Oracle, calls Vicken his first guru

34 - Click Here - Oracle Support Spirit of Excellence Award

35 - Click Here - During college I enjoyed tending bar, and did a great job then as well

Praise Received as a New Tax Preparer, Helping Low Income Wage Earners With Their Taxes, since Oracle blacklisted me, I had to make a living this way for a few months

36 - Click Here - Customer saying Vicken is thorough and double checks his work

37 - Click Here - Customer saying Vicken is very helpful

38 - Click Here - Customer saying Vicken is far beyond helpful

39 - Click Here - Customer saying Vicken is diligent with excellent service

40 - Click Here - Customer saying Vicken is professional and honest