Enough Trace

Question:      How many Database Server trace files does it take for Oracle Support to change a light bulb?

Answer:      We need 2 more Database Server trace files to tell you.

Vicken Khachadourian

Vicken:      My discovery, that massive amount of trace file data, like Machine Learning data, is being processed at Oracle without context, inside almost every module, is the reason why Larry Ellison stepped down. Many Oracle failures are not unforeseen accidents. So far Larry does not have a fix as the CTO of Oracle. That's why he needs to attack Google, Amazon, Apple and Netflix, globally, lobby regulators and legislators for antitrust action, to have a second shot at being the monopolist he dreamed of. I introduced and utilized "Context-Aware" trouble shooting by using "Data Storytelling" at Oracle, on 400 of the toughest cases, with 100% success.

A Google search for "Data Storytelling Computer Science Diagnostics" for the years 1995 - 2000 will return nothing meaningful. That's because I was the first person who discovered and used it, starting 1996.

On those 400 cases, I proved that Oracle's trace files were being evaluated with similarities to when a Tesla gets duped into thinking a low angeled moon is an orange traffic light and slows down to stop on a busy highway. My discovery explains why some TESLA cars are hitting parked fire trucks, parked sheriff's vehicles, etc. The TESLA is processing data from multiple and diverse set of sources, out of context. Read Dr. Donald Kennedy's analogy on my website to understand this better. Elon Musk promised Full Self Driving TESLAs in October 2016. He will not have it working unless he figures out how I used context to solve 400 of the toughest problems at Oracle, which Oracle threw away then and is trying to make it work today. Oracle's database related decisions are thousands of times more complex than autonomous driving.

Warned Oracle in 1996, soon after Oracle introduced the max_dump_file_size parameter, and blew the whistle internally at Oracle in 2005, proving that Oracle's Trace Files were misleading all technicians around the world. The problem is still causing damages today, globally, estimated in hundreds of billions of dollars over 10 years.

Oracle conducted a 2.5 year official investigation, verified my 100% success on the toughest cases, which proved to have tremendous merit. A company like Oracle does not conduct a 2.5 year investigation over nothing. The flaw I discovered is in almost every function of Oracle's code because it involves how diags are generated and how arguments are passed between functions. It does not raise errors, so evaluators think they are making good decisions. By the time they realize they are falling off a cliff, it's too late. On many occasions they get stuck in Oracle's 95% profitable Support infinite loop maze, hoping for a solution, while Oracle knows its Support Engineers will get misled by the flawed trace files.

Oracle's Larry Ellison:      In 2017 Larry finally agreed with me during the Wall Street Earnings Call and Oracle Openworld.

Larry was 21 years late. He's saying he's gonna fix the problem with the Autonomous Database. During a 2019 Wall Street Quarterly Earnings call, Larry labeled these changes as important as Oracle's initial commercial database, introduced when the company was founded in 1977. These changes happened because of my discovery and 100% success.

I wish Larry success, but remain skeptical. So far every Oracle executive who fought me, lost and created hundreds of billions in damages over 2 decades, with a story that made it to both Presidents Obama and Trump. I am afraid that Larry is not going to be the exception to that pattern. As an Oracle employee I admired his decisions, but this time I unfortunately remain pessimistic. I do wish him success for everyone involved.