Enough Trace

Question:      How many Database Server trace files does it take for Oracle Support to change a light bulb?

Answer:      We need 2 more Database Server trace files to tell you.

Larry Ellison's answer on September 14, 2017:      "we are doing a log inspection, where we are looking at people and the logs we look at unlike anybody else, we are in the applications business, we are in the database business, and we are in the Cloud infrastructure business looking at network logs and operating system logs, and storage hardware logs, we are also looking at database logs, we are looking at people trying to log on to application systems and the passwords they are reducing."

Enough Trace comment:      This change from Larry is a very welcome development. Going back and forth for months, uploading Oracle Database trace files has resulted in wasted time and unresolved problems. Reference checking all other areas or processing, including real, non trace file activity will produce great benefits.

Vicken Khachadourian

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Webmaster class - Loyola Marymount University
Grades - 2017 - Course Total: 84.49%


   Full Name: Vicken Khachadourian
   Phone Numbers: 650 299-9927 (land)    415 699-6462 (cell)
   Work eligibility: United States citizen
   email id: vkhachad@yahoo.com
   Availability to work: Immediately
   Rate W-2: $150,000 / year
   Rate Corp to Corp: $85 / hour with a 160 hour retainer paid in advance
   Rate to trouble shoot production problems: $150 / HR, 20 hours paid in advance
   Skype ID: drink_pepsi1
   Location: Anywhere in Southern California
   Interview availability: Daytime during Pacific time zone
   Total Oracle Database Experience: 30 years
   Education: Bachelors in Mathematics - U.C. Berkeley
   Open to relocation: Only if the customer is facing an existential threat due to an IT disaster

Bio / Employment highlights

1987-89:       Database Support - Oracle v5. Accurately predicted and warned that Oracle's v6 was going to be a disaster
1989-91:       Successful Oracle Sales rep - managed a team of Sales Consultants, supporting 65 sales reps - Oracle v6.
1991:             Built Tom Siebel's own demos - GAIN Technologies. The successful demo secured GAIN $10 million in venture capital funding
1992:             Returned to Oracle Support - v7 beta team - Escalation Center - Produced running races on weekends.
1992-2009:  Diagnosed the toughest Database problems. Trained and mentored over 100 Oracle Database Support Engineers, v7- v11g

1994:            Filed the longest running bug in Oracle history, BUG 250845, for Oracle developers to finally fix the problem - True and funny

2011:             Saved Southwest Traders, a $450 million / year company with 800 employees from going under from a disastrous Oracle EBS                        implementation.

The main vendor was bullying them before Vicken got there but gave a $1.3 million refund afterwards. The other vendor, DAZ and IT Director Dave Gillies got sued for $400 million in Los Angeles Superior Court by Girardi & Keese.

2011-13:     Onelink and Sarbanes-Oxley DBA at Kaiser Permanente. Onelink is one of the most important Oracle Databases at Kaiser,                      running Peoplesoft. Solved two critical problems. One of them in 1 hour, and the other in 30 minutes. The first one was going                      on for 6 weeks and the second was escalated for 9 days.
2014-17:     In 1 week diagnosed an Oracle EBS performance problem that was going on for 4.5 months. Technical Advisor to the CEO of                       Kubisys and Database Security Engineer at Union Bank.