Enough Trace

Question:      How many Database Server trace files does it take for Oracle Support to change a light bulb?

Answer:      We need 2 more Database Server trace files to tell you.

In February 2011 Vicken sued Oracle for wrongful termination      Under penalty or perjury Vicken claimed that Oracle knew that trace files became very large, and all technicians who wanted to build a stable relationship with the Oracle Database Engine were at risk of catastrophic failures.

Building a healthy and stable relationship with the Oracle DB engine has been a challenge for at least 20 years. Vicken exposed and addressed that challenge better than any other Oracle technician. That's why Oracle attacked him. Study paragraphs 15 - 22 starting on page 9 of the complaint.

     In 2017 Oracle's Larry Ellison finally agreed with Vicken's warnings. His annoucement was 21 years late.

Vicken Khachadourian

One of the first questions Warren Buffet asked Bill Gates when they first met: Why can't IBM crush Microsoft?
Oracle has not crushed Vicken's success record.